Velocity: Columbia’s Ride to End Cancer

Columbia University Irving Cancer Center

Columbia is NYC’s only Ivy and a world-class cancer research and care center. With a lot of competition in the region, cancer at Columbia needed a new way to not only raise essential dollars but also deliver the message that now is the time to solve cancer at Columbia. With that as our assignment, Velocity was born.

  • Route design and support
  • Jurisdictional relations and permitting
  • Crisis management and insurance
  • Full virtual and hybrid services
  • Fundraiser support/coaching
  • Website design and build
  • Scriptwriting and show development
  • Video production and editing, storytelling
  • Event brand development
  • Participant recruitment
  • Online fundraising strategies
Bonus Tidbit for Reading this Far:

The George Washington Bridge is the iconic symbol of Velocity. When it opened in 1931, the public didn’t like the name and preferred options like Palisades, Knickerbocker, Interstate and Lindbergh Bridge, But the naming committee stuck with good ol’ George and it stuck.