Justin Geringer


Justin was an Eventage intern in 2014 while studying at up the street at Seton Hall University. After graduation, he went onto start his own small business and manage a restaurant, but always knew where he wanted to work again. Justin was a valued freelance eTeamer until getting the chance to join Eventage full-time in early 2017 and since then he’s never looked back. At Eventage, Justin has dipped his pen in all sides of production from coaching in Peer to Peer Programs, interviewing storytellers and cutting video, to full on end-to-end event logistics. He’s worked mainly on the Eventage Cause side with clients such as JDRF, Bike New York, Columbia University Irving Medical Center, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and Northwell Health.

In his spare time, Justin is a proud dog dad while getting his hands dirty in all things music, from compulsively buying records to moonlighting as a singer-songwriter. You can find him on all music services under his stage name – Justin Gee.  He’s a sports junkie who’s second love is the Cincinnati Bengals. Why? Well life’s just funny.

Must Have Event Item: Leatherman and Sunglasses
Favorite Venue: Prudential Center Newark
First Event Worked: Westin Head Space Meditation
Hidden Talent: Makes some of the best gumbo and chicken wings you’ll ever eat