Justin Geringer


Justin was an Eventage intern in 2014 while studying at nearby Seton Hall University. After graduation, he went onto start his own small business and manage a restaurant, but always knew where he wanted to work again. Justin was a valued freelance eTeamer until getting the chance to join Eventage full-time in early 2017. At Eventage, Justin has worked mainly on the Eventage Cause side with clients such as Columbia University Irving Medical Center, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Northwell Health, and Bike New York.

In his spare time, Justin gets his hands dirty in all things music, from playing to compulsively buying records.  He’s a sports junkie who’s second love is the Cincinnati Bengals. Why? Well life’s just funny.

Must Have Event Item: Leatherman and Sunglasses
Favorite Venue: Prudential Center Newark
First Event Worked: Westin Head Space Meditation
Hidden Talent: Has been writing a television pilot for 3 years and counting