Janelle Rosario

Systems Manager

Janelle began her journey with Eventage as a freelance eTeamer in 2019. She now serves as our tech wiz Systems Manager.

Janelle got her start in the museum world, working at the Brooklyn Museum for over 11 years, 7 spent managing communications and web systems for the Museum Shop. Born and raised in New York City, Janelle graduated from Baruch College with a BA in Corporate Communications – with minors in IT and Social Responsibility. She’s thrilled to apply her talents in the P2P space for events like the Closer to Free Ride and Velocity.

In her free time you can find Janelle challenging herself to a new sport, cuddling with her clients’ pets while she works on web projects, or making plans to head somewhere warm.

Must Have Event Item: Boxcutter + extra socks
Favorite Venue: Citi Field
First Event Worked: TCS NYC Marathon (AWD)
Hidden Talent: Once recited many digits of Pi and won a contest for it