In 1998, a company named Google quietly incorporated in California. Bill Clinton denied that he had “sexual relations” with that woman. Titanic was killing it at the box office. And in a small apartment in the West Village of Manhattan, Eventage was born. To celebrate 20 years of Good People, Great Events, we’re proud to announce:


PROJECT: Kindness

20 Acts to Celebrate 20 Years


It’s an effort that celebrates and gives back to those who have supported us these past two decades.

As an agency that promotes some of the world’s most beloved brands, and works with non-profit partners who consistently amaze us with their generous and world-changing work, we feel we’re in the unique position to connect these efforts for the greater good of those in need.

So this year, we’ll coordinate 20 acts of kindness that connect our family of clients from the past 20 years.


PROJECT:Kindness in the News


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