Watch Our Good People, Great Talent Show

On Friday, May 1st we held our first-ever Good People, Great Talent fundraising event. It featured the talents of our amazing freelance eTeam and it also raised a heck of a lot of money from more than 100 donors.  The dollars raised are going directly into the pockets of not only the eTeamers who performed but also other freelancers who told us they needed financial help. You can still donate below and please do watch the recording. It was an inspiring, entertaining and all-around great night on the Internet. Thanks to everyone who was a part of it.


Your Hosts:

Brian Soliwoda – Environmentalist, Baker, Zip Tie Sculptor and Co-Host

Francesca Villa – Fundraiser, Gator Driver, List Maker and Co-Host

Here is a list of our amazing talent! 


Lauren Ullrich – Incredible Ice Rink Manager and Singer


Charlie Nolet – Phenomenal Lift Gate Operator and Singer/Songwriter



Lewis Feemster- Exhibitor Load In Wizard and Spoken Word Artist


Ashleigh Herndon – 5K Turnaround Extraordinaire and Singer/Dancer


Betsy Werbel – Actual Broadway Star (for real!) who also rocks events


Justin Gee – Expert Ops Report Creator and Singer/Songwriter


Cherie Chalouh – Can build a marathon site in 48 hours and a singer/songwriter



James Creque – Master magician, skilled line dancer and actor/rapper
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