Eventage Breaks a Great-Smelling Sweat with Degree and Blue Zones

May 2, 2019

NEW YORK – Turns out there are places on earth where people live longer. They’re called Blue Zones, and today, Unilever brand Degree announced its partnership with an organization dedicated to promoting them at a press event in downtown Manhattan. Blue Zones thrive on movement, and Eventage set up a live #MadeToMove room, complete with stairs, bike pedaling stations, gardening boxes, and kettlebells. Editors and influencers from online and print media (and plenty of Eventage staff) broke a sweat and learned about Degree’s plan to donate $100K toward movement tools and resources to five cities over the next five years.  Fortunately there were lots of Degree’s MotionSense deodorant products on hand, so the room maintained a pleasant aroma throughout.

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